About Groningen

The city of Groningen is the economic and cultural capital of the region. Therefore, the city enjoys a bustling reputation, while retaining a safe community character.

What will probably strike you most when entering Groningen is its youthful population. Roughly a quarter of the city’s 200.000 inhabitants consists of students. You will find them everywhere, studying in the park, riding a bike, or having a drink with fellow students in one of the many pubs.


Walking around town, you can still feel a medieval atmosphere in some areas, while in other parts you can admire groundbreaking modern architecture. The university has a visible presence: the historic buildings in the heart of the city tell the tale of a rich academic tradition, while the University Medical Center Groningen is an example of contemporary architecture. The city parks allow you to see the signs of spring arriving, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, or watch the first autumn leaves falling.


With the city’s many bars, restaurants, theaters, museums and sports facilities, you will never be bored. But if you do feel like leaving the vibrant city life, the countryside is never far away. Take a breath of air and clear your head while enjoying the flat landscape and limitless view in all directions when you get nearer to the ‘Wadden Sea’.

Do you want to know more about Groningen? Visit the website of the University of Groningen which offers specific information about the city, read more about the many tourist attractions, or discover all the local ins and outs on Groningen Life’s blog.

Living in Groningen

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