PhD: preparing for arrival

Q: I have found a position, when do I start my PhD?

A: The structure of a PhD is very flexible, so in principle you start on the date that you and your supervisor agreed upon. You do need to take into account however, that you and the UMCG need time to arrange practicalities such as visa (in case you have a non-EU nationality) and you will need to fulfill certain requirements in order to be allowed to work at the UMCG. Finally, we assist in finding appropriate housing - but be warned! Housing is difficult to come by in our city, with 25% of the population being students. So start looking early. We at least take an ideal period of four months in between the decision to admit you and your actual arrival to the UMCG

Q: How about visa and accommodation?

A: We need at least four months between when you are admitted and when you can actually start. The main reasons for this are:

  • Visa: in case you do not have an EU nationality the university needs to apply to a long-stay visa for you, never apply to a visa yourself in case of a stay over 90 days!
  • Housing: you need a place to live. The university will guide you in this process, but you yourself are ultimately responsible for finding accommodation. Please allow yourself sufficient time to do so!
  • Studying/doing research at the UMCG: in order to work at our University Medical Center you need to fulfill some specific requirements in relation to health in order to keep our hospital environment a safe place for our patients. This means that you will need to be clear of TB and MRSA - the UMCG will inform you of the details when relevant.

Q: How do I prepare my stay?

A: Once you have been accepted to the PhD program (or you expect to be accepted), you may already start preparing your stay in advance of the Graduate School actually starting up procedure. Particularly if you have a  non-EU nationality, you may already want to start collecting the documentation we need in order to apply for a visa for you. Important: NEVER start visa procedures for a long-stay visa (i.e., over 90 days, called "MVV") yourself!

The documents we need from you:

  • passport copy
  • CV
  • private address in home country
  • copy original Master certificate (in native language) and one in English, translated by a sworn translator, or, in case you do not have a master's degree: copy of your highest degree obtained

If you have access to external funding during your period at UMCG, we also need:

  • Scholarship letter that includes the monthly allowance you receive and the duration of your scholarship, in the original language and an official English translation (sworn translator)

If your partner and/or child(ren) will accompany you we additionally need their:

  • Marriage certificate and an official translation to English
  • Passport copy/ies

Q: How much funding do I need?

A: In case you need a long-stay visa (MVV), as of 1 July 2019 you need to be able to provide proof that you have EUR 1.237 per month (single) or EUR 1.767 per month (with family) at your disposal for the entire period of research at UMCG.

Note that this is a legal immigration requirement set by national authorities. The University needs to comply with this. Usually each half year (1 January, 1 July) the Dutch Immigration Services (IND) raises the amounts set as a minimum requirement for immigration.

Q: How can I provide proof of sufficient financial means?

A: You can provide proof of sufficient financial means in three ways:

  • Scholarship letter: a scholarship agency provides a letter that you have been awarded amount X per month for the period from DD-MM-YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY
  • Loan: you have an official loan statement from a known loan-provider (e.g. bank). Note that loan statements from family members are not accepted!
  • Self-funded: you have the financial means for the entire period of your projected stay at the UMCG at your disposal. Read more here.