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Since 2012, Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA) and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences of the University of Groningen/University Medical Center Groningen (UG/UMCG) have engaged in double degree PhD collaboration. The first agreement was signed in 2012 with the Corporación de Ciencias Básicas Biomédicas (CCBB), followed by one with the Facultad de Ingeniería in 2015. The agreements agreement allows the enrollment of (prospective) doctoral students in a double degree (DD) doctoral program.

The double degree implies that students, who successfully complete a DD project and defend their thesis in accordance with the PhD Regulations at UdeA and UG, will receive a PhD degree from both institutions. Two researchers (supervisors), affiliated to UdeA and UG/UMCG, share the responsibility for the supervision of the DD student. DD PhD projects generally take 48 months, during which period the student performs their research UdeA and UG/UMCG. The period spent at either institution is expected to be approximately 24 months, but there is room for flexibility depending on the focus and demands of the PhD project. Students spend the first two years of PhD studies at UdeA and may subsequently start at UG/UMCG  after they passed their general knowledge exam.


Students may first indicate their interest in the Double Degree Program by submitting a Declaration of Interest to the program coordination (hereafter: the Coordination). Once the student has identified supervisors at UdeA and UG/UMCG, they start compiling their application. The supervisors ultimately submit the application to the Coordination for evaluation.

The assessment of applications to the double degree PhD program is based primarily on the submission and subsequent evaluation of the UdeA-UG Double Degree PhD Application Form, which includes a research proposal, a motivational statement, and other relevant documentation such as a CV and proof of English proficiency.

IMPORTANT: submitting an application under no circumstances implies admission to the program. Admission is based on the quality and feasibility of the proposal, the academic record and motivation of the applicant, the agreement of the relevant authorities at both institutions, the availability of funds, and other criteria the institutions deem relevant. Consult the sections below for more details.


The central coordination of the DD PhD program at UdeA lies with the directorate at Corporación de Ciencias Básicas Biomédicas (CCBB) or the Facultad de Ingeniería, depending on the affiliation of the student. At UG/UMCG the Graduate School of Medical Sciences is responsible.

For UdeA

For UG/UMCG: Joyce Fongers, Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Institutional Procedures

Applicants need to be sure that they honor the joint application procedure as well as internal UdeA and UG procedures. These include:

For UdeA and UG

  • Prospective students send a completed “Declaration of Interest” to the Coordination at the earliest stage possible. This is also important if you require assistance in locating a supervisor.
  • Include in all steps the PhD supervisors, once they have been identified.
  • The complete application package, including the Application Form, should be sent to the DD PhD Coordination by the respective supervisors for evaluation.

For UdeA

  • Contact the coordinator at the earliest stage possible to receive instructions on how to proceed.
  • Passed the general knowledge exam (CCBB).
  • Seek approval from the relevant comittee at the respective Academic Unit (CCBB / Ingeniería).Honor deadlines set and procedures as outlined by UdeA for enrollment in the (DD) doctoral program

For UG

  • Inform the central coordinator at the earliest stage possible via the Declaration of Intent. The Coordinator will get in touch with the supervisor, and may provide assistance in the identification of potential supervisors.


Students enrolled in an accredited PhD program at UdeA typically receive a Colciencias scholarship. UG/UMCG may provide a top up of this scholarship for the duration of the period spent at UG/UMCG, up to a maximum of 24 months. UG and Graduate School policies apply and policies may be subject to periodical review.


I am an interested student, what should I do?

  1. Submit the Declaration of Interest to the program Coordination
  2. Compile your application package in close collaboration with your supervisors, following the instructions in the Application Form.
  3. Have your supervisors submit the application to the Coordination

At all times: keep the Coordination informed of any development relevant to your application.