Meet the GSMS

Educating and training researchers for future scientific leadership

The Graduate School of Medical Sciences (GSMS) trains and educates excellent researchers and promotes world-class research.

The GSMS is responsible for all Research Master and PhD education and training programmes within the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).

Master programmes offered by the GSMS:

The GSMS is also responsible for the Junior Scientific Masterclass, a special track for talented medical students.

The Research Master and PhD programmes of the GSMS cover a wide area of research, intended for students with a (bio)medical, psychological, pharmaceutical or other background.

All of the postgraduate education programs offered by the GSMS are conducted in English and in fact half of our doctoral students are international!

Research within the UMCG ranges from fundamental to patient-oriented (clinical) research. The UMCG has organized all its research in five Research Institutes that each have developed research programmes around specific aims and objectives. The five Research Institutes collaborate in the GSMS to educate and train students for future scientific leadership.

The GSMS is proud to collaborate with the University of Groningen and the Academic Institute for International Development of Transfusion Medicine (IDTM) in organizing The Management of Transfusion (MTM) program.

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