Indonesia LPDP Master & PhD scholarships - deadline 2017

Indonesia Endowment Fund: Master & PhD scholarships

The Indonesia Endowment Fund provides excelling Indonesian nationals with funding for full master and PhD studies abroad, better known under the name "LPDP scholarships". Candidates may apply all-year round. We invite both Indonesian candidates and UMCG researchers to read more about specific requirements for candidates applying to a master or PhD position at the UMCG. Note that all UMCG Principal Investigators who wish to support a candidate who applies to PhD funding should obtain a letter of acceptance from the Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

Deadlines 2017

The first upcoming 2017 deadline for application by the Indonesian candidate to LPDP is 7 July 2017.

Results published: 12 October 2017.

Applicant requirements for Master studies

Master applicants need to:

  • Hold a bachelor degree
  • Fulfill the master's program language requirements. For admission to the master programs of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences these are TOEFL 92 IBT/IELTS 6.5; note that these are higher than LPDP minimum standards
  • Have received a letter of admission from the master program. Consult the admissions department and the instructions on the website about specific program requirements.
  • Be no older than 35 years of age at the time of selection

For further information, see the LPDP website.

Applicant requirements for PhD studies

PhD applicants need to:

  • Hold a master degree
  • Be accepted by a researcher who qualifies as a Principal Investigator at the University Medical Center Groningen
  • Fulfill the language requirements set by both LPDP and the UMCG supervisor (guideline TOEFL 92 IBT/IELTS 6.5)
  • Have received a letter of acceptance from the Graduate School of Medical Sciences
  • Submit a summary of a research proposal approved by the UMCG supervisor
  • Be no older than 40 years of age at the time of registration

For more specific information, see the LPDP website.

Additionally, we recommend candidates to consult the UMCG research portfolio and carefully read the information on PhD studies at the UMCG, as well as the FAQ section.

Information UMCG supervisors of PhD applicants should submit to the Graduate School

In order to prepare the letter of acceptance for LPDP applicants, UMCG Principal Investigators should provide the Graduate School with the following documentation/information:

CV of the candidate, including:

  • Full name
  • Place & Date of Birth
  • Candidate e-mail

About the project:

  • Total number of months of funding requested (max. 48 months)
  • Provisional start date PhD project
  • PhD project title
  • Title(s) and name(s) supervisor(s) and departmental affiliation(s)
  • Costs for consumables/bench fee