Upcoming SHARE Seminar on October 15th: the Diabetes epidemic in the Middle-East

Upcoming SHARE Seminar on October 15th: the Diabetes epidemic in the Middle-East

Research Institute SHARE is organizing a seminar on October 15th. The topic of this seminar is: "Understanding the causes of the Diabetes epidemic in the Middle-East – the UAE Healthy Future Study". 

The seminar will be led by professor Raghib Ali, who is director of the Public Health Research Centre at NYU Abu Dhabi and Principal Investigator of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Healthy Future study. His main research interests are the aetiology, prevention & treatment of noncommunicable diseases in Middle Eastern and South Asian populations. He graduated in Medicine from Cambridge University in 1999 where he was awarded the John Addenbrooke’s prize for Medicine and also has postgraduate degrees from the Universities of Oxford and London. He completed his clinical training in General (Internal) Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology from the Oxford Deanery in 2009.

The UAE is faced with a rapidly increasing burden of noncommunicable diseases including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The UAE Healthy Future study is a prospective cohort designed to identify associations between risk factors and these diseases amongst Emiratis. The study will enroll 20,000 UAE nationals aged ≥18 years. Environmental and genetic risk factors will be characterized and participants will be followed for future disease events. 

Details of the seminar:

October 15, 2018
12.00 – 13.00
Location: A. Deusinglaan 1, Building 3215, room 0149
Harold Snieder, PhD
Email: h.snieder@umcg.nl
Tel: 050 361 0887

We hope to see you there!