UMCG scholarships for master students 2015-16

UMCG scholarships for master students 2015-16

The Graduate School of Medical Sciences (GSMS) of the University of Groningen is proud to announce that also in 2015 we will again be able to award excellence. We make full UMCG scholarships available to excelling students applying to the 2-year master programs Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation (MPDI) and Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology (CPE).

Cooperation with NESO offices worldwide

This year, the GSMS has a special cooperation with the Netherlands Education Support Offices (NESO) in different countries around the globe. Students from Brazil, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Korea and Russia have a chance to apply to an Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS). The OTS offers the same financial benefits as a UMCG scholarship.

Naturally, we welcome students from any country to apply, and to show you that we mean it: in 2014 the MPDI program enrolls 23 new students with 12 different nationalities!

Why would I choose Groningen?

Well, why don’t you find out for yourself? We offer you a unique opportunity to visit the UMCG for one month to perform a short research project at a department of your choice. Within the Abel Tasman Talent Program we award selected students with a so-called “research voucher”, a great opportunity to get a taste of studying & living in Groningen with a partial scholarship.

How to apply?

This new call for applications is for students who wish to enroll in September 2015. Start your application process as soon as possible, but in any case before 1 March 2015!

Before you do, don't forget to also check out our Research Portfolio. And if you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.