Rubicon Grant Writing Training

Rubicon Grant Writing Training

Rubicon grant writing training- 8 February 2018 (aiming for the 1 April deadline)

Are you close to submitting your Rubicon grant proposal for your next step in academia after your PhD defence?

Then the Rubicon grant writing training, offered by the University of Groningen Talent Development team, may be the perfect training for you.

If you want to apply for a Rubicon grant, you must do this within one year after your actual PhD defence, and after you manuscript has been officially accepted by the reading committee.


This Rubicon course aims at training you as a prospective or recently graduated PhD from the University of Groningen in how to write a compelling title and abstract, a persuasive host section, a competitive CV, and a convincing Knowledge Utilization paragraph. You will furthermore become aware of how a grant review process works, and we will give you tips on how to engage panel members in such a way that they can become enthusiastic about your proposal.


The training is aimed at those who have already put together a dedicated scientific plan and who are in contact with their host institute and prospective supervisor. It requires the uploading of the following sections of the grant proposal in the Rubicon template (7 days prior to the training):

  • title

  • summary

  • CV

  • knowledge utilization/dissemination paragraph

  • host institute paragraph


A Rubicon grant proposal should be supported, both financially and in writing, by your potential supervisor in the top host institute of your choice. Prior to enrolling in this course, you must have made your host aware of possible financial consequences, and he or she should have written the requested support letter – see the NWO website NWO Rubicon for more information.

Training information

Course fee: €100 (including coffee, tea, other refreshments, and lunch). The fees will be taken from you educational budget. If this seems a problem, please contact us.


To register, please send an e-mail to Make sure that the subject line of your email message contains the words  ’Registration Rubicon Writing Training 8 February 2018’ . Your registration should contain:

  • Your Name, Your Faculty and Research Group

  • E-mail address

  • Mobile number

  • (Planned) date of your PhD defence / date your manuscript was accepted by supervisor


Trainers: prof.dr. Ingrid Molema and drs. Heidi Disler. During this training a future instructor will be present. We hope that there are no objections against this.


This training is offered three times a year, appr. 6-9 weeks prior to the Rubicon deadline. The next training is scheduled for late June 2018.