Rector visits PUC Chile and signs PhD co-supervision agreement

On Monday 25 August University of Groningen Rector Elmer Sterken visited the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC). In addition to a general student exchange agreement, Rector Sterken and his colleague Prof. Guillermo Marshall signed a PhD co-supervision agreement. This officially links the PhD programs in Medical Sciences and Biological Sciences at PUC with doctoral research at the Faculty of Medical Sciences/University Medical Center Groningen.

Additionally, Rector Sterken met with the following PUC authorities:

  • Form the Faculty of Medical Sciences: Prof. Juan Francisco Miquel, director of research and PhD programs; Prof. Jaime Pereira, director PhD program in Medical Sciences; Prof. Francisco Aboitiz, Director PhD program in Neurosciences
  • From the Faculty of Biological Sciences: Prof. Mauricio Lima, director of postgraduate studies and Prof. Rodrigo Iturriaga, Director PhD Biological Sciences, specialization Physiological Sciences.
Prof. Luis Sobrevia, Rector Elmer Sterken, and Rector Ignacio Sánchez
Prof. Luis Sobrevia, Rector Elmer Sterken, and Rector Ignacio Sánchez

The first candidate to enroll in this program is already lined up. Prof. Luis Sobrevia of PUC and Dr. Marijke Faas at UMCG together supervise Tamara Sáenz. She first visited Groningen on an FP7 grant in 2014, and will now apply to obtain her PhD from both PUC and Groningen. Their collaborative projects focus on diabetes in pregnancy and the disease effects on fetal health.

See also the PUC press release (in Spanish).