PhD Symposium

PhD Symposium

Symposium 'Cellular Metabolism in Disease: Friend or Foe'

On Wednesday 20 December the symposium ‘Cellular Metabolism in Disease: Friend or Foe’ will take place in the University Medical Center Groningen.


In this symposium organized by, and mainly for, PhD students the role of cellular metabolism and bioenergetics in the regulation and progression of different diseases will be discussed. The aim  is to generate a collaborative international platform between the Chilean and Dutch scientific community in order to learn from each other and improve research in this area.


Three international keynote speakers will take you on a journey through their most recent advances and discoveries in the field of metabolism. Prof. Dr. César Cárdenas, Professor at the University of Chile, will talk about Calcium transfer from the endoplasmic reticulum to mitochondria, Cancer’s Metabolism Achilles’ Heel. Dr. Robert Bandsma, assistant professor at the University of Toronto, will present his research focused on metabolism in severely malnourished children, in which clinical research, in vivo and in vitro work is involved.


Send ( your abstract before the 15th of November 2017 if you want to present your research and register online!