Opening Global Center on Adaptation and Q&A met Ban Ki-Moon

Opening Global Center on Adaptation and Q&A met Ban Ki-Moon

On Wednesday, 17 October 2018, Ban Ki-moon, South Korean diplomat and former UN Secretary-General will visit Groningen.  On this day you will have the opportunity to join a Question & Answer session with Ban Ki-moon, starting at 11:30 at the Energy Academy Europe.

The Q&A will have the duration of half an hour. In this 30 minutes, Ban Ki-moon will answer questions about climate adaptation and its value for the world. The program will be in English.

We advise you to be on time. After 11:15 the doors will be closed, and you will not be able to attend the Q&A. The dress code for the event is business formal.

  • Men: Suit or sport jacket, suit pants or trousers (no jeans), dress shoes, tie is optional
  • Women: Suit or business dress (knee length), suit pants or skirt (knee length), heels or flats

The Q&A is part of the official opening of the Groningen location of the Global Centre on Adaptation with Ban Ki-moon is the chair of The Global Center on Adaptation. The Global Center on Adaptation builds on, improves, and accelerates breakthrough solutions that catalyze transformation at scale and at speed. (


To register we need some information from you. Please send the info mentioned below to You will receive an online entrance card. This card is will be checked upon your arrival at the Energy Academy. Deadline for registration is Wednesday, 10 October.

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