NFP Scholarships for Master and PhD students

The University of Groningen/University Medical Center Groningen participates in the Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP) 2014.

For whom?
If you are a national from one of the 51 different NFP countries you may have a chance to apply to a scholarship for full master’s or PhD studies. Visit the official NFP website for more detailed information on the program requirements.

NFP prioritizes different countries and research topics, please consult this overview for more information. For us this implies a focus on sexuality and reproductive health, although in some cases other areas are also supported by the local embassies in accordance with your country's development agenda.

Both the Graduate School of Medical Sciences master’s programs are also eligible to receive students with NFP financing:

If you are a candidate who wishes to enroll at the Faculty of Medical Sciences or perform research at the University Medical Center Groningen with a NFP scholarship you should go through the Graduate School of Medical Sciences. We can provide you with more information and connect you with researchers in your field. Please also look into our research portfolio for more information.

The internal University of Groningen deadline for doctoral candidates to apply is 4 October 2014. In addition to finding a supervisor through the Graduate School, you are obliged to fill out an online form to make your application official. Questions about the online form you may direct at the Mobility & Scholarship Desk,