Looking Back: Workshop Inside Academia

Looking Back: Workshop Inside Academia

Workshop: "Inside Academia" great experience for all involved

The workshop: "Your Next Step Inside Academia" as part of the Career Perspectives series, took place on 17 May for our PhD students in Het Paleis. It was well received with 24 students taking part.


Lou de Leij gave an introductory talk, followed by the speakers: Izabella Rodenhuis-Zybert, Susanne Kooistra & Lude Franke. They each gave presentations in turn; bringing each other’s points together in an interesting way.


Ingrid Molema also provided an interactive presentation and workshops, both of which proved very useful.

On the whole it was a positive afternoon, where everyone showed enthusiasm and active participation.

The next edition of the Career Perspectives Series: "Your Next Step Outside Academia", will take place June 15.


If you haven't received an invitation, there are still 'wildcard' places left! To secure your place, send us an email, first come, first serve!