Career Perspectives Series

Career Perspectives Series

Wondering about Future Career Possibilities?

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Dear PhD-student,


It is important for PhD students to broaden their view in an early stage, and find out what their chances can be in the future. The program Career Perspectives Series (CPS) is about awareness of these future possibilities, inside or outside academia.


The program of the CPS has just started and for a first group of (1st year) PhD-students two workshops are organized. These workshops are about “your next step inside/outside academia”. For the students that received an invitation: be sure to be there!


Inside Academia: May 17, 2017

Outside Academia: June 15, 2017

Location: Het Paleis Groningen

Time: 13:00-17:00

For those PhD-students who did not receive an invitation: there are 20 wild cards available! Just drop us a line at if you'd like to attend. First come, first serve!


For more information please see the website of the GSMS and follow our Facebook-page.

Feel free to prepare and bring questions.
Drinks and socialising included!