UNAM & Groningen "sandwich" PhD event

On 11 November 2016, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and the University Medical Center Groningen/University of Groningen (UMCG/UG) organize the first official information event for UNAM postgraduate students interested in our double degree PhD collaboration. The event follows the signing of the first Double Degree doctoral cooperation agreement between both institutions in September 2014.


The 2014 double degree PhD agreement included the UMCG and the postgraduate program in Ciencias Médicas, Odontológicas, y de la Salud, directed by Dr. Edgar Zenteno. The 2016 meeting signifies an expansion of the postgraduate collaboration between UNAM and Groningen. Both institutions are moving towards the inclusion of any research area of mutual and complementary interest in the collaborative program.

UNAM-Groningen Double Degree PhD signing

The Event

The meeting takes place on Friday 11 November at 9:30 AM (location tbc). Its organization is in the hands of the UNAM Coordinación de Estudios de Posgrados, its Director Dr. Javier Nieto.

The Groningen delegation includes representatives of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences of UMCG and the Graduate School of Science of the Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences of UG. Moreover, four different researchers pertaining to each of the five different research institutes of UMCG will be available to answer questions on academic opportunities.

The Sandwich PhD program

The Sandwich PhD program (referred to as "quesadilla" by our Mexican colleague) aims to enroll talented students who enroll in a PhD project jointly defined between UNAM and UMCG/UG. Academics on either side will work closely together in the project supervision. As a student, you will spend approximately half of the 4-year research project at each institution and, upon successful completion of your project and defense, obtain a double PhD degree. The UMCG sandwich PhD program has been established in 2010 via its Abel Tasman Talent Program. Some more information:


Who will you meet?

The Groningen delegation conists of four UMCG researchers and one representative of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

Researchers from UMCG:

Together they represent all research at UMCG because they are affiliated to the five different Research Institutes of UMCG. Consult this file to see which areas they represent, as well as the UMCG research portfolio to check whether the UMCG covers your research.

Additionally, UG Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences is represented by:

Check here which research is covered by the Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences of UG and consult this brief overview.

For Whom?

Students from the following postgraduate programs at UNAM are kindly invited to participate:

  • Área I. Ciencias Físico-Matemáticas y de las Ingenierías
  • Área II. Ciencias Biológicas, Químicas y de la Salud

Purpose of the meeting

The meeting is to inform you of the sandwich PhD opportunities we aim to develop between UNAM and our Faculty of Medical Sciences and Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences at Groningen in general. Additionally, you have the opportunity to speak with one of the Groningen researchers. Even if they are no expert in your particular area, they have knowledge on the research of their colleagues or take note of your questions and get back with you later.