Meet Groningen in Mexico!

The Graduate School of Medical Sciences will attend the 2014 Europosgrados education fair in Mexico City and Monterrey. Come visit us and learn about opportunities for biomedical research!

Research Topics

Please check out the main research topics at the University Medical Center Groningen. Send us your CV and research interests in case you are interested to be in touch with one of our Principal Investigators.


The University of Groningen has an agreement with CONACYT since 2008 that was renewed in 2013. You may apply for CONACYT funding to do a full PhD or one of our Research Masters at Groningen. Contact us for more information!

Mexican biomedical research Master and PhD students
Mexican biomedical research Master and PhD students

Student Ambassadors

Our Mexican student Alejandra Hernández graduated in 2014 from the Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation master's program. She belonged to the top students of her class and was offered a PhD position, which she will start in February 2015. She has volunteered to be a student ambassador for the University of Groningen and the Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Contact us in case you would like to be in touch!