Information Market Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology

Interested in Public Health, (Health) Psychology or Epidemiology? Motivated to challenge the major Health issues of modern-day society? Do you belong to the best of your class? Come to the information market of Clinical and Research Epidemiology!

The Research Master Programme Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology (CPE) is embedded in the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). The master focuses on psychosocial factors in addition to biomedical factors in health and disease. You can choose your own field of expertise to specialize in, either in Public Health, (Health) Psychology or Epidemiology.

The first year emphasizes on broadening your knowledge and skills on research methodology, medical statistics, health and disease, health psychology and public health. Furthermore, you’ll get insights in writing a Grant Proposal and performing research. You have the opportunity to choose an individual Master Thesis project in your own field of interest. Large cohort studies such as TRAILS and LIFELINES (cornerstone of the well known Healthy Ageing initiative of the UMCG) provide opportunities to become familiar on working with large datasets! The last month is devoted to writing your own PhD proposal based on the Master Thesis project. Each year, the UMCG grants several PhD proposals!

Why choose us?
- State-of-the-art techniques
- International top scientists as teachers
- Small-group teaching
- Hands-on research experience
- Full scholarships available

Information market
Are you interested in the CPE Programme? Come to our information market on Monday 2 June (13:00)! Prof. van den Heuvel and current CPE-students tell you everything you want to know! You can register by sending an email to

Medical Faculty, Antonius Deusinglaan1, building 3211, main hall ground floor. 
Presentation: 13.15 hrs (room 3211-S42a).

Are you interested in the CPE Programme? Apply for joining the CPE curriculum before 1 June 2014 (Do you want to apply after 1 June 2014?  Get in contact with Desiree Jansen – Do you want to discover the inspiring work environment within the UMCG and have a taste of the bustling student life of Groningen? Apply for a Research Voucher within the Abel Tasman Talent Programme!