First Medical Sciences Summer School Biobanking

Join the first UMCG summer school about biobanking and explore the fundamentals of biobanking and cohort research!

Biobank research involves the use of systematic collections of human biomaterials and related data, in population-based or clinical investigations, to answer a broad array of research questions. Biobanks and large population cohorts are increasingly recognized as essential tools for exploring the origin of diseases, understanding the relationships between genetic and lifestyle determinants and diseases and developing new diagnostic and drug therapies.

Please join the first UMCG summer short course exploring the fundamentals of biobanking and cohort research.

Our five-day programme will address the fundamental concepts in biobanking research:

Day Description
1 Introduction to biobanks: defining biobank research, study design, clinical versus populationbased biobank studies.
2 Analysis of biobank data: longitudinal analysis, genetics and risk prediction, the Dutch String of Pearls initiative.
3 Infrastructure and analytic technologies: data and sample security, quality, and privacy; molecular technologies, next generation sequencing, and other sample analysis technologies.
4 Participation and data access: ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI), consent, patient involvement; data usage, pooling data sources, access, and analysis
5 Practical considerations: good practice, standardization, and the future role of biobanks Through interactive case studies and visits to population-based and clinical biobanks, you will have the opportunity to directly engage with and learn from key figures in biobank research.

In addition to the course program, social activities will give you a chance to get acquainted with your fellow students and instructors, and enjoy the lively Dutch city of Groningen. Expand your knowledge, meet other students, and broaden your professional horizons in “the smartest kilometer in the Netherlands.”

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