University Medical Center Groningen visits Brazil

UMCG visits São Paulo & Porto Alegre

For the first time, the University Medical Center Groningen visits an education fair in Brazil: Euro-Pós São Paulo on 29 and 30 November 2014. Additionally, five UMCG researchers will be in São Paulo (27 & 28 November) and Porto Alegre (1-3 December) to meet with their academic colleagues to discuss research collaborations.

Read more about the fair, our educational offer, and the delegation of researchers below!

Euro-Pós education fair São Paulo

If you are an excelling Brazilian student interested in translational medical research, the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) in the Netherlands may welcome you into one of our English-taught research master or PhD programs. The UMCG is a major teaching hospital that works in close cooperation with the University of Groningen in its degree programs. Students at the UMCG receive their degree from the University of Groningen, a top-100 university in the major rankings (QS, Shanghai 2014).

We work on the interface between experimental basic science and clinical medicine. Our aim is to “translate” knowledge, mechanisms and techniques discovered by basic scientific research into new approaches for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Reversely, we design new research questions based on clinical observations. Our teaching and research programs are organized accordingly.

We very much welcome you if you are interested in one of the following programs:

It is important to note that:

  • In order to do research (master or PhD), you do not need knowledge of Dutch: all our programs are in English and about 50% of our PhD students are international.
  • You do not need a medical degree to enrol in a research master or PhD program. In fact, most degree students have a different background, such as: biology, (bio)chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, or psychology

You may find the UMCG research portfolio here for download.


In addition to providing general information, the UMCG will also be represented by five biomedical researchers from different fields! We visit São Paulo and Porto Alegre to discuss institutional research collaborations. The visit to São Paulo is scheduled for 27-30 November, and from 1-3 December we will be in Porto Alegre.

The delegates are:

  • dr. Sjef Copray, Neurosciences (PubMed, only in São Paulo)
  • dr. Bart Eggen, Neurosciences (PubMed)
  • prof. dr. Frank Kruyt, Oncology (PubMed)
  • prof. dr. Han Moshage, Hepatology and Gastroenterology (PubMed)
  • dr. Herman Silljé, Experimental Cardiology (PubMed)

If you would like to meet with one of them, please feel free to send your CV and motivation letter to Joyce Fongers to schedule a meeting.

Staff & student ambassadors

Since September 2014, the UMCG also has officially appointed staff & student ambassadors to manage relations with our most important Brazilian partners. Feel free to get in touch via our Staff Ambassador page.

Additionally, Natalia Teixeira, medical student at Universidade de São Paulo and enrolled in a sandwich PhD project between USP and Groningen, is available to answer all your questions and doubts!