Research opportunities

Examples of research subjects

  • Assessment of Education and Training in Blood Transfusion in Qatar; baseline measures along the chain in preparation of the introduction of a haemovigilance system.

  • Cost benefit analysis of complementing copper sulphate test with HaemoCue for pre-donation haemoglobin screening of blood donors in Uganda.

  • The impact of platelet transfusion on platelet increment in cancer patients in Uganda.

  • The impact of the introduction of clinical guidelines and training in the appropriate use of blood and blood components (AUB) on the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of blood prescribers in Eritrea.

  • The role and contribution of socio-cultural characteristics to the prevalence of Hepatitis B viral infection amongst the blood donor population; a case study in Northern and South Western regions of Uganda.

  • Perceived barriers to continue donating blood amongst secondary school and college students and regular donors in Southern Tanzania.

  • Implementation of Pathogen Inactivation Technology for Safer Blood Supply in Singapore. 
  • Factors influence supply and demand of blood; a case study of Eastern Zone Blood Transfusion Service, Tanzania.


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