The Management of Transfusion Medicine programme is a result of the WHO initiative to improve blood supply organizations around the world.

The MTM programme was set up in 2001 by the Academic Institute IDTM (International Development of Transfusion Medicine) and embedded in the University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen and Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation. The MTM programme was also the first blood management programme to be endorsed by the International Society of Blood Transfusion. Sponsors include international organizations like Terumo, Griffols, the Swiss Red Cross and Pepfar

The MTM programme has a total duration of two years, consisting of:

One year of distance e-learning and drafting of a research topic (Thesis I). The e-learning programme consists of a total of 8 Courses, which students follow from their home country, followed by an exam for every Course. The Courses cover the following topics:

  • General Introduction and basic methodology

  • Organization and structure

  • Legislative and Regulatory aspects and Policy making

  • Human Resources Management

  • Health and Economy

  • Blood Donor Management

  • Clinical Interface

  • Process and Quality Management


Thesis I: Definition of research question


In the second year of the MTM programme, students will deepen their knowledge and skills through a combination of 4 tutorial courses, a traineeship and the drafting of a thesis. The traineeship consists of two personalized, 8-week internships at Sanquin in the Netherlands, followed by research and data collection for the final thesis. Students receive the opportunity to choose their own research subjects and will receive one-on-one supervision. Completion of the thesis and a sufficient final presentation will lead to a certificate of the University Medical Center of Groningen. Underneath is an overview of the different steps of the second year of the MTM programme:

  • Internship 1 (8 weeks)

  • Tutorial 9. IT and Automation

  • Tutorial 10. Operations Management

  • Tutorial 11. Modernization in the blood transfusion service

  • Tutorial 12. Knowledge Management

  • Internship 2 (8 weeks)


Thesis II (research proposal) and III (data collection, analysis of data, final version, presentation)


For a schematic overview of the contents of the programme, click here

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