Are you interested in transfusion medicine? Motivated to become a leader of a blood supply organization in medium and low income countries? And committed  to developing safe, efficacious and sustainable blood supply systems? Then this postgraduate Management of Transfusion Medicine (MTM) programme may suit you!

The Management of Transfusion Medicine (MTM) programme is a result of the WHO initiative to improve blood supply organizations around the world. It is a unique programme for current and potential leaders of blood banks in medium and low income countries. The focus of the programme is on your individual development and personal growth;  You have the opportunity to choose your own research subject and to tailor-make your traineeship, which consists of two 6-8 week internships in the Netherlands.

The first year of the programme is based on the concept of distance learning, which means that you will follow courses online, in your own pace, and in your own home country. The second year will revolve around your traineeship, alternated with a period of assignments and data collection in your home country.

The MTM programme was set up in 2001 by the  Academic Institute IDTM and embedded in the University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen and Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation.


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