Admission & Costs

Admission criteria

Your eligibility for the programme will depend on certain criteria, as listed below:

  • Academic degree or function at Master level

  • Experience in the field of transfusion medicine

  • Formal support and recommendation from a regional/national blood supply organization or health institution

  • Motivation letter

  • Leadership capacity/experience

  • Sufficient level of English


The costs for the MTM programme consist of a tuition fee, and additional costs for housing and travel.


Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the entire MTM programme amounts to € 20,000 per student, which covers the direct operational costs of the programme, such as access to Course Materials and the Medical Library, all administrative costs, tutoring and supervision by a student coordinator.



The costs for the traineeship (i.e. your two internships) are NOT covered by the tuition fee. Additional traveling- and residence costs for both internships range from €8,000 - €15,000 and fall under your own expense. 



The MTM programme relies completely on funding for our students, in the form of (partial) sponsorships.

We are aware that payment of the complete tuition fee amount might pose a challenge to students from low- and medium income countries. The IDTM Foundation consistently makes efforts to attract sponsors, who are able and prepared to contribute to (parts of) the tuition fee for promising students. As a form of commitment, we will always encourage students to try and find (partial) sponsoring for their enrolment into the MTM programme within their own environment. If a student has shown demonstrable efforts in this area and has not been able to find a sponsor for the full amount of the tuition fee, the IDTM foundation will look at funding possibilities from our own sponsor network. If you have any questions about sponsoring, please contact us

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for the Management of Transfusion programme, please contact the secretary of IDTM at

Please include the following supporting documents:

  • Recent CV

  • Motivation letter

  • A certified copy of all relevant diplomas

  • Letter of recommendation and support from a superior or the Ministry of Health in your home country

  • The name of the person who will support you as mentor during the course of the programme

  • Color scan of valid passport

  • If you already have a sponsor, please include sponsor details and sponsored amount

Please be aware that we cannot finalize your enrolment into the programme, before the full amount for your tuition fee has been deposited into the IDTM account.  Students who pay for their tuition fee themselves (i.e. no sponsor) may be eligible for dividing the total fee in two terms of payment. Please ask us about these conditions in your application letter.

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