ATTP Summer of Research 2020

The Graduate School of Medical Sciences since 2016 offers selected students of Strategic Partners to participate in the so-called "Summer of Research". This consists of three different activities that together take about 1.5 months in June and July: participation in one of the largest biomedical student conferences in the world (ISCOMS), a research internship, and participation in one of the medical summer schools.

Why do we do this?

The Graduate School aims to increase the potential for international research collaborations, including sandwich PhD structures, with our Strategic Partners. The Summer of Research is a great way for students to become acquainted with the University Medical Center Groningen and the city of Groningen, and for our researchers to become acquainted with the research at our partner universities.

The 2020 Summer of Research

The 2020 Program consists of the following activities from 2 June until mid-July:

  • 2-5 June 2020: ISCOMS International Student Congress of (Bio)Medical Sciences focusing on biomedical research.
  • 8/15 June – 1/6 July: Research internship at department of student’s choice (or extended ISCOMS International Research Fellowship)
  • 8-11 June or 1/6 July until 10/15/16 July: Summer School

The Summer Schools for which we offer scholarships for selected students are:

  • Transplantation Medicine, 8-11 June
  • Oncology, 1-10 July
  • Healthy Ageing, 6-10 July
  • Ageing Brain, 6-15 July
  • Global Health, 6-15 July
  • Pediatrics, 6-15 July
  • Bone, Joint & Tendon Care, 6-15 July
  • Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine, 6-16 July

Note that the options within the Summer of Research are only available to selected students from a number of our Strategic Partners!

Important changes in 2020

In preparing for the 2020 edition of the Summer of Research, we make some important procedural and logistical changes. Most importantly:

  • We will decide on the total number of Summer School vouchers per partner based on an inventory among partners with a deadline of 2 December to submit the requested information in the “Request form Summer School vouchers”. Note that at this stage we do not yet need to know the names of the students you select to participate in the Summer of Research!
  • Partners will know how many positions we can offer for the Summer Schools by 13 December
  • The Summer School voucher award policy will become increasingly co-dependent on the research focus of the student, and consequently, the participation of students in ISCOMS and/or a research internship.
  • Students applying for a research stay should complete the template "Internship Request Form" in addition to submitting their CV

What do we cover?

In selected cases, the Graduate School covers:

  • ISCOMS fees, which includes registration and housing
  • Research Internship: a Research Voucher for three weeks ad 600 euros
  • Summer School fees, which includes registration and housing

This means that most costs for the stay of the students in Groningen will be covered. They would need to find the means for travel and some extra pocket money.

How does it work?

In order for the ATTP program to cover the fees for ISCOMS, the Research Voucher and the Summer School Voucher, students need to be selected for each of these different modalities. The following applies:

  • ISCOMS: ATTP will cover the fees related to ISCOMS if students have submitted an abstract to present at the conference, and their abstract has been selected. The deadline for abstract submission is 30 January 2020 (check website for exact date) via Note that the selection of abstracts is done by ISCOMS, not the Graduate School. Therefore, the Graduate School may decide to make an exception for students who have submitted an abstract but were not selected, and cover the fees related to their participation in ISCOMS as non-presenters.
  • Research Internship: placement of students for a research stay is always dependent on the availability of research expertise in the area of choice of the student as well as the student quality and motivation. Students are therefore requested to consult the Research Portfolio of the UMCG before applying, and provide a clear perspective on the potential for collaboration between your institution and Groningen in the longer term. Students should submit their application to the internship by 13 March 2020, including a completed Summer of Research “internship request form” (template available for download below) and an English-language CV.
  • Summer Schools: as in previous years, we leave the selection of students for the Summer Schools up our partner. In this edition, we will let you know the number of positions available to your Institution by 13 December. In your subsequent selection of students, we would like to ask you to pay particular attention to academic excellence, research focus, and English language skills. Please submit the names of the selected students to Joyce Fongers, by 13 March 2020.

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