PhD vacancies

Here you may find a non-exhaustive listing of PhD vacancies at the University Medical Center Groningen. Note that, due to the nature of the PhD program in the Netherlands, the Graduate School of Medical Sciences does not have a complete overview of vacancies. We use this page to publish positions at the request of individual UMCG researchers, who wish to specifically also disseminate the information among our Strategic Partners

  • As a UMCG researcher, should you wish to publish your vacancy here, fill out this form and contact the Graduate School.
  • Prospective PhD students from Strategic Partners may additionally be interested in sandwich PhD opportunities in our Abel Tasman Talent Program, and the admission procedure for PhD students with external funding. PhD students registered at the UMCG  will obtain their PhD degree from the University of Groningen.

PhD student in Cardiology/Bioinformatics

The Department of Cardiology at the UMCG is looking for a (soon to be) graduated master student with a research focus on complex genetics and artificial intelligence. You participate in the analysis of big data, you discover new leads for cardiovascular diseases, and you look for eHealth applications. You will work with large genetic data sets (including sequencing data) of >500,000 people and very large imaging (CT, MRI) data sets of >30,000 people. You work in a multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, radiologists, epidemiologists and pharmacologists.

PhD student in DEtection and MOnitoring of treatment of BACTerial infections with Optical Imaging and Positron Emission Tomography (DEMO-BACT)

The departments of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging, Hospital Pharmacy, Medical Microbiology & Infection Prevention, and Surgery at the UMCG are looking for a master graduate in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biology or Life Sciences with a clear multidisciplinary interest in the field of development and translation of diagnostic agents for bacterial infection imaging. In this project you will contribute to the development of labelled vancomycin as targeted bacterial imaging agent for clinical application.

  • Departments: Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging, Hospital Pharmacy, Medical Microbiology & Infection Prevention, and Surgery
  • Application deadline: 1 May 2019
  • More information: dr Philip Elsinga
  • Vacancy text

3(!) PhD positions: Imaging biomarkers in heart/lung disease: quantification and AI

Lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cardiovascular disease, the so-called Big-3 (B3), are expected to cause most deaths by 2050. Low-dose CT scanning allows assessment of early B3 imaging biomarkers. Within B3CARE, large-scale imaging projects in different populations are combined into an imaging data biobank. We are looking for candidates with a Master’s degree in (Technical) Medicine, Biomedical Technology, Computer science or related field. You will use the imaging data biobank to determine imaging biomarker reference values, validate B3 biomarkers based on AI-based image analysis approaches, and design a computer assisted learning tool on AI in medical imaging.

  • Departments: Radiology & Cardiology (University Medical Center Groningen) in collaboration with the University of Twente
  • Application deadline: 6 May 2019
  • More information: prof. dr Rozemarijn Vliegenthart and prof. dr ir C.H. Slump
  • Vacancy text