Types of PhD Programs

Five different types of PhD training programs offered by the GSMS

Generally speaking, the GSMS offers five different types of PhD training programs. See also the FAQ section for more information about PhD and double degree PhD programs.

1. Regular 4-Year PhD

Offered by individual researchers or research groups. Information on the positions currently available can be found on the UMCG website. If there is nothing suitable listed at the time, you can instead ask to be notified by email as new positions become available.

2. Research Master to PhD

The most talented students who have completed one of the Research Master programs at the GSMS have the opportunity to apply for a fully funded 3-year PhD education and training program. In the final stages of your master you will write and defend your own PhD project proposal. The most excellent projects are awarded funding.

3. PhD Sandwich Scholarships

Offered as part of the  Abel Tasman Talent Program we offer PhD Sandwich Scholarships. Students pursue the first two years of their PhD training at their home university, followed by two years spent at the University of Groningen where their thesis is completed. As a result, it is possible to have two PhD supervisors, one at each institution.

As this is a scholarship program, the GSMS will fund tuition/bench fees, living expenses, and insurance during the student's two year stay in Groningen.

The University of Groningen PhD supervisor must fill out and submit this form to j.e.fongers@rug.nl.

For more information contact j.e.fongers@rug.nl.

4. Externally Funded PhD

Many of our international PhD students come with funding from their own government, or have other sources of external funding. This gives you some liberty to design your project in communication with your PhD supervisor. The Graduate School will support your application to external funding if one of our Principal Investigators has agreed to supervise you. Please consult our FAQ section for more information, or contact Joyce Fongers.

5. MD/PhD Program

The MD/PhD program offers students the opportunity to combine their Master phase with PhD training and to then obtain a (D.)M.D. and Ph.D. degree upon completion. In this program students spend an additional two years (financed) on scientific research alongside their regular medical or dental education. Students obtain their PhD in just two years, instead of the regular four years of PhD research. The program features an enormous amount of flexibility and gives students the possibility to advance specifically in their field of interest.

'Hauw The-penning' is awarded to students who successfully master the MD/PhD programme.

Over the last ten years (2001-2013), 258 students have been (conditionally) awarded a MD/PhD project. Until now, 88 students have successfully mastered the MD/PhD programme, of which 55 students of these students did so within the set timeframe of 2+2 years*. Successful students receive the official honour 'Hauw The-penning'.

Additional information:
J.M. van der Mark - van der Wouden (Ph.D.), Staff
tel.: +31 - 50 - 363.8263
e-mail: j.m.van.der.mark@umcg.nl

University of Groningen PhD Scholarships

The new PhD scholarship program (bursalen) at the Graduate School of Medical Sciences is in preparation.
At this moment there are no positions available. Application procedures for a restricted number of positions will probably start in autumn 2016.

You can find more information on the general RUG website

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