Visiting Sandwich PhD

A visiting Sandwich PhD student may also be considered a visiting doctoral researcher. It concerns a student enrolled in a PhD program at an international (partner) university who has usually acquired a competitive scholarship to spend a period of research at  the UMCG/UG, without the initial explicit intention to obtain their PhD at UG.

GSMS support: Sandwich PhD non-degree mobility

In most cases, students who wish to apply to a Sandwich PhD mobility abroad need to apply to a scholarship. In those cases, the GSMS provides a Letter of Acceptance if the Groningen supervisor provides the GS with the information as requested in the form "Sandwich PhD: external funding application", available for download below. This form, together with an English-language CV, should be sent to Joyce Fongers.

Both candidate and supervisors need to take into account that:

  • In general it will take between three and four months for the student to start their stay in Groningen. This particularly goes for students with a non-EU nationality who will spend more than 90 days in Groningen, because the University needs to apply for a visa for the student. See also our FAQ section.
  • Once the scholarship has been awarded, either the GS will guide practical procedures to get the student to Groningen, or the GS will instruct the hosting department to do so.
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