Sandwich PhD leading to UG degree

Sandwich PhD students in some cases have been admitted to the PhD program of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences. If that happens, they are considered "Sandwich PhD degree students", because they will also obtain their degree from the University of Groningen. The GSMS offers different types of support for this category of students.

GSMS support: Sandwich PhD degree mobility

The type of GSMS support for sandwich PhD degree mobility is dependent on the individual circumstances of the student. In general, the GSMS may help with:

  • A Letter of Acceptance for an external scholarship application by the student. Use the template "Sandwich PhD: external funding application" available for download below
  • Practical guidance once the student acquired an external scholarship (e.g. from local governments and/or as an ATTP Sandwich PhD student) to start their PhD in Groningen, including: Letter of Admission, support for visa & information on other practicalities such as housing. See also our FAQ section.
  • Practical guidance if the Groningen supervisor has been awarded ATTP Sandwich PhD funding.
  • A research proposal template to be approved by candidate and supervisors
  • Legal support in case the student enrolls as a double or joint doctoral student. Consult this page for more information.


  • The GS will not provide practical guidance (visa, housing, etc.) if the PhD candidate will be employed on a grant acquired by the PhD supervisor; in that case procedures will be arranged by Human Resources of the relevant department (at UMCG: "Sector"). The supervisor may however consult the GS for legal advice on the DD/JD PhD trajectory, if applicable.
  • In general it will take between three and four months for the student to start their stay in Groningen. This particularly goes for students with a non-EU nationality who will spend more than 90 days in Groningen, because the University needs to apply for a visa for the student. See also our FAQ section.
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