UMCG Research Master scholarships 2016-2017

Full scholarships for master students

The Graduate School of Medical Sciences (GSMS) of the University of Groningen is proud that also in 2015 we will again be able to award excellence. We make full UMCG scholarships available to excelling students applying to the 2-year master programs Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation (MPDI) and Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology (CPE). Additionally, as of 2016-2017 we offer the new Erasmus+ joint master IMIM (International Master in Innovative Medicine), together with the EU partners Heidelberg in Germany and Uppsala in Sweden and four of the most prestigious Latin American universities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

This new call for applications is for students who wish to enroll in September 2017.

  • For MPDI and CPE: Start your application process as soon as possible, but in any case before 1 March 2017!
  • For the Erasmus+ Joint Master IMIM: the application deadline is 15 January 2017 and all students need to apply through the program website

Before you do, don't forget to also check out our Research Portfolio. And if you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us: MPDI & CPE, and IMIM

Orange Tulip Scholarships

The Graduate School makes some of its own UMCG scholarships available under the OTS umbrella. OTS offers the same financial benefits as the UMCG scholarships. Visit our FAQ page to resolve some of the doubts you may have!