Research Topics

Healthy Ageing as a central topic

The central topic of all research at the UMCG is Healthy Ageing. Healthy ageing is a lifelong process that starts even before conception, with parents who pass on their genes and the risks and opportunities for a healthy life course, or the occurrence of illness later in life. Lifestyle, food patterns and environmental factors influence the development of health. You can download the guide to the different research programs of the UMCG here.

From fundamental to patient-oriented (clinical) research

Research within the UMCG ranges from fundamental to patient-oriented (clinical) research. The UMCG has organized all its research in five research institutes that have each developed research programmes around specific aims and objectives. The five Research Institutes collaborate in the GSMS to educate and train students for future scientific leadership.

Excellence in Research

Some examples of our expertise:

  • Fundamental genetic research aimed at the early diagnosis of disease, and indicators of health
  • Drug development and optimization in both the field of small molecules as well as large molecules and peptides
  • (Bio) Materials research intelligent carriers and coatings for drug delivery (polymers and nano-tech)
  • Knowledge of the cardiovascular system, transplants and medical devices in that area
  • Knowledge of the musculoskeletal system for improving mobility
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