Academic Program Science & Technology

Subtheme Data Science, Mathematics & Astronomy

The subtheme "Data Science, Mathematics and Astronomy" is subdivided into different sessions that take place on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 September:

  • Electrical, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science
  • Sustainability
  • Biomedical (see also here)
  • Astronomy

Additionally, a specific session on Finance is coordinated by the Faculty of Economics & Business (see below).

Consult the program here.

Contact Dr Cristóbal Bertoglio in case you wish to attend or for more information.

Subtheme Finance

The Faculty of Economics & Business (FEB) hosts a session "Finance" on Tuesday 24 September from 9:00-11:00, Room 573, Duisenberg Building.

The speaker: Dr José Miguel Cruz (DII, UCH):  "Financial Research at the Industrial Engineering Department: Theory and Applications""

The session is hosted by prof. dr. Niels Hermes of FEB. Contact him for more information.