Academic Program Health

Health Subthemes

The Health theme counts with four official subthemes:

  1. Neuroscience & Ageing Biology
  2. Oncology & Drug Delivery
  3. Infection & Immunity
  4. Public Health & Epidemiology

Additionally, a Data Science in Health session is organized by the Faculty of Science & Engineering in the subtheme "Data Science, Computing Science & Astronomy".


  • The schedule for the event in subthemes 1, 2 and 3 includes different thematic sessions in which expert speakers hold short presentations on ongoing research. Additionally, we organize 1:1 meetings in accordance with the profiles and interests of the visiting researchers. Each delegate will have an individualized program.
  • Subtheme 4 (Public Health & Epidemiology) only consists of individual meetings.

Sessions Health Subthemes

Sessions take place on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 September. Please consult the pdf available here (v. 23 September - final) for more information on the sessions in subthemes 1-3. All meetings take place at the campus of the University Medical Center Groningen (different locations).

Note that:

  • Minor changes/additions may be made as information that is currently missing may come in
  • The schedule does not include 1:1 meetings - visiting researchers will receive an individualized program at the kick-off

More information: consult the Academic Coordinators of the subthemes listed here or contact Elizabeth Riquelme (1:1 meetings).

Session Data Science in Health

The Data Science in Health subtheme takes place at the Zernike Campus (Bernoulliborg) on Tuesday 23 September from 14:00 onwards.

Please consult the final version of the program.

If you wish to attend or require more information: contact Dr Cristóbal Bertoglio.