Brazil: USP Winter Schools

UMCG Strategic Partner Universidade de São Paulo (USP) in Brazil each year organizes several Winter Schools for medical students from all over the world. The 2019 Schools are from 15 to 26 July (the Brazilian winter). The Graduate School of Medical Sciences will select five UMCG medical students to attend the Schools with a travel allowance.

USP Winter Schools 2019

UMCG has a longstanding partnership with USP, including a double degree Sandwich PhD program and a great number of connections between researchers in Groningen and at USP. As part of this collaboration, the Graduate School of Medical Sciences every year makes scholarships available for a selected number of UMCG medical students who are enrolled in the Junior Scientific Masterclass/MD-PhD program to attend the USP Schools.

In 2019, the topics of the Schools are: Cardiology; Gynaecology; Dermatology; Geriatrics; Infectious Diseases; Psychiatry; Trauma Surgery; Neurology; and Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Consult this brochure and the USP website for more detailed information.

How to apply?

Application (and selection) include two steps, internal at UMCG and external at USP.

For the UMCG: If you are a UMCG medical student registered in the JSM or MD-PhD program, you need to collect the following documents to apply:

  • Short motivational letter, including: (1) The School of your interest and why you choose this School; (2) Why you are a good candidate to be selected for an USP Winter School grant; and (3) Your affinity for/experience with research
  • List of grades (of your Bachelor/Master in Medicine)
  • Copy passport

Send your application package to prof. Han Moshage of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences by 24 March 2019 at the latest. Incomplete applications and applications received past the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

For USP: Sumbit your application by 30 March 2019 in accordance with the instructions in the brochure and on the USP Winter School website.

We strongly recommend that you work on your application to UMCG and USP simultaneously, since a failure to meet any of the two deadlines may result in your application being considered ineligible.


The selection procedure includes two stepts, by UMCG and by USP:

  • The UMCG selection will be done by the Graduate School. Selection criteria include: Proven affinity for and experience with research; your motivation to attend the School; and your academic performance. The selection results will be communicated to you the latest 29 March.
  • The USP selection is an internal procedure at USP, more information can be found on the USP website. The selection results by USP will be published on 12 April.

It is important to note that your selection by UMCG does not automatically result in your selection by USP. There however is a very high probability that you will be accepted once you have passed the UMCG selection and you have met the deadline for applications by USP.

Again, we strongly recommend that you work on your application to UMCG and USP simultaneously, since a failure to meet any of the two deadlines may result in your application being considered ineligible.

The Scholarship

The Graduate School provide five grants of a maximum of EUR 850 each to cover the cost of travel to and from Brazil (an economy class return ticket). USP covers registration fees, housing, some meals and social activities during the School. Any remainder costs will need to be funded by the selected students.

Note that the UMCG scholarship allows you to make travel arrangements that allow you to spend more time at USP and/or in different locations in Brazil. The only UMCG requirement to receive the travel allowance is that you attend the School for which you are selected and meet all requirements this brings about.

Important dates

  • 24 March 2019: deadline to submit your application to UMCG, prof. Han Moshage, by email
  • 29 March 2019: latest date for communication of selection results by UMCG to applicants and sending of Letter of Support to successful applicants
  • 30 March 2019: deadline to submit your application to USP in accordance with instructions on the USP website
  • 12 April 2019: publication of USP selection results via the USP website
  • 15-26 July 2019: USP Winter Schools